Prayer Network Updates

Thank You

Thank you for continuing to support the end of human trafficking through prayer. This is vital as our local law enforcement and service providers continue to identify victims and address the demand in our communities.

Final Four Updates

Here is an update from Detective Carter with the Eden Prairie Police Department. He joined efforts with a larger anti-trafficking team for the Final Four:

We made 46 demand arrests, 29 recoveries of prostituted victims, and started investigations of 12 potential traffickers. All this work was done by the MN Human Trafficking Task Force and their affiliates. Many of the women I spoke with told stories of how they did not want to be doing this. They spoke of great distain for the acts they had to perform. The demand (buyers who were arrested) told the same old story of how they didn’t mean to do it, and “What am I going to tell my wife?”
— Det. Carter, Eden Prairie Police Department

Blessing Bags

Detective Carter used the blessing (or dignity) bags when he met with the victims.

The bags were amazing! I gave out all 20 that I had with me! I could have given out 24, but quite frankly, I didn’t expect to be that busy. Those who received the bags were truly moved by them. I even noticed that the kindness of the bags rubbed off on my fellow officers. I could almost see their hearts soften as the result.
— Det. Carter, Eden Prairie Police Department

Prayer Requests and Next Steps

Changing LAndscape

The landscape for combating trafficking has changed in the past year and has resulted in the need to change operations.

  • Pray for wisdom for Detective Carter and the officers in the metro area that are focused on human trafficking.

  • Pray that they would identify new and improved methods to target buyers and traffickers and identify victims.

Final Four Follow=Up

As a follow-up to the Final Four Operations, please joining praying.

  • Pray that the victims recovered during the Final Four would follow up on the services provided and pursue help and find freedom in Christ.

  • Pray that the buyers who were arrested will pursue healing from sexual addiction and connect with support through a local church.

  • Pray that the investigations of 12 traffickers would move swiftly. Pray for convictions.

  • Pray for more godly men and women to join this fight – as police officers, advocates, and service providers.

STop the Trafficking 5k Walk/Run

Join our Stop the Trafficking 5K on June 22 and come together as a community to raise awareness and support Detective Carter and others in our community that are engaging to #StopTheTrafficking.

For more info, visit or email